Accident Compliance Kit in Vinyl Pouch w/ Single-Use Digital Camera

Helps drivers collect, organize and report vehicle accident information.
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•Ensures drivers are prepared and ready to respond appropriately if they are in an accident
•Packaged in a sturdy, vinyl zippered pouch that keeps kit components protected and organized
•Provides step-by-step instructions to ensure proper reporting procedures are followed and the accident scene is adequately documented
•Kit contains the following:
◦(1) Vinyl Pouch (burgundy with white imprint, 10-1/2" x 6-1/2")
◦(1) Poly Clipboard (white with black imprint, 4-1/2" x 9-1/2")
◦(1) Single-Use Digital Camera (also available separately)
•3.0 MP
•1.5" color viewing screen
•Flash memory (photos are saved if batteries power is lost)
•Smart Flash (senses for available light and adjust flash brightness resulting in better color balance)
•Takes up to 40 photos (photos can be deleted and new photos taken, until batteries are drained)
•3 AAA batteries included (non-replaceable)
•Expected battery life: 60 days after activation strip is removed
•Optimal Storage/Operation Temperature Range: 5˚C-40˚C (41˚F-104˚F)
•USB cord (allows photos to be downloaded to computers or portable devices)
•Carrying strap
◦(1) 4-1/2" Yellow Tire Marker
◦(1) Pen (black, medium-point)
◦(1) Driver's Report At Accident Scene Form
◦(4) Witness Cards
◦(1) Accident Notification Card
◦(2) Exoneration Cards
◦(1) Word-For-Word Reprint of DOT §382.303 Post-Accident Testing Regulations Form