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Distracted! Driving - DVD Training

Distracted! Driving - DVD Training

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Product code: 251DVD (17650)

Quick Overview:

Designed to change distracted driving habits and help professional drivers deal with the dangerous habits of others
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  • Aimed specifically at CMV drivers and others who drive as part of their profession (sales people, business travelers, small vehicle delivery drivers, military personnel, public servants, cabbies, etc.)
  • Details strategies drivers can use to deal with their own distracted driving and that of others
  • Covers the following topics:
    • Types of distractions
    • Technology as a distraction
    • Inattention blindness
    • Steps to avoid distracted driving
    • Recognizing the signs of other distracted motorists
    • What not to do when sharing the road with a distracted driver
  • Ready-to-use training program includes several components, including updated content on the Trainer Tools CD-ROM with need-to-know information on the Hand-Held Cell Phone Ban for CMV drivers
  • Closed-captioned for the hearing impaired
  • (1) Closed-captioned video - Available on DVD, the program combines engaging video and editing technology.
  • (1) Discussion Guide - Product Code: 17645 (651-H) - This 20-page guide provides additional information and discussion points to engage drivers in the training session.
  • (11) Driver Handbooks - Product Code: 17646 (652-H) - Review key points and serve as a handy post-training reference (12 pages plus perforated 4-panel card).
  • (1) Trainer Tools CD-ROM (not sold separately) - Includes PowerPoint® presentations (including one on "Important Regulatory Information for CMV Drivers") that can be used as is or customized, along with quizzes with answer keys, training handouts, clip art, and a training log. The minimum computer system requirements for the Trainer Tools CD-ROM are Office 2000, with Word, and Internet Explorer version 5.5.
  • Play Program - Plays entire main program (22 minutes).
  • Chapter Selections - Allows easy access to specific subtopics for more focused training.
    • Opening Vignette
      • An "in the driver seat" scenario about a driver engaging in distracted driving.
    • Introduction
      • Introduces the topic.
      • Covers three proactive steps to avoid distracted driving:
        • Making a commitment to not drive distracted.
        • Watching for distracted drivers around you.
        • Reacting to them appropriately.
    • Technology as a Distraction
      • Addresses the ease and convenience of technology like smart phones, laptops, e-books, DVD players, mp3 players, satellite radio, etc., and how technology like these examples are some of the worst contributors to distracted driving.
      • Discusses texting, and how it is more deadly than drunk driving.
      • Covers texting and cell phone bans for CMV drivers.
    • Types of Distractions
      • Describes the three types of distractions, cites examples and offers strategies for dealing with them:
        • Visual distractions
        • Physical distractions
        • Mental distractions
    • Inattention Blindness
      • Explains what this is and gives examples of why it's dangerous.
    • Consequences of Driving Distracted
      • Cites crash, injury and fatality statistics that resulted from distracted driving, and debunks the myth that distracted driving is mostly harmless.
    • Dealing with Distracted Driving
      • Covers good trip preparations and how they can help you avoid distractions.
      • Addresses how to deal with distractions you can't avoid: deal with them at your next stop or pull over.
      • Uses graphic examples to show just how much ground you can cover in a few seconds, going 65 mph. These examples are used to help viewers understand that disaster can occur even if they give in to a distraction for "just a few seconds".
      • How to manage other motorists who may be distracted:
        • The tell-tale signs that you're sharing the road with a distracted driver.
        • Strategies for dealing with a distracted driver.
        • Tips for avoiding a road rage situation.
    • Conclusion
  • Bonus materials
    • Commentary - Offers interviews from industry professionals
    • Hazard Perception Scenarios
    • Quiz - 10 interactive questions; offers correct/incorrect remediations to reinforce effectiveness of training
    • Message for Management
    • Distracted! Music Video
    • Previews
      • EYE ON Speed & Space Management
      • EYE ON Defensive Driving

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