Rand McNally Motor Carriers' Road Atlas

The #1-selling truckers' atlas in North America.
•Offers detailed, full-color maps of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to make trip planning a snap •Includes a federal section with info on hazmat regulations, inspection procedures, driver's daily log and more to help your drivers stay in compliance •Each atlas also contains the following information: ◦Updated restricted routes ◦Updated low clearance and weigh station locations ◦40,000+ updated city-to-city mileages ◦Updated state mileage charts ◦Updated tax rates ◦GPS & online companion ◦Tractor/Trailer inspection procedures ◦Area code map ◦Hazardous materials tips and facts ◦Information on U.S., Mexican, and Canadian Regulations ◦Hotel/Motel toll free numbers and websites ◦National Weight and Size Provisions ◦State/Provincial weight and size limits ◦State/Province contacts for emergencies, vehicle registration, operating authority, weight/size, hazardous materials ◦And much more •Softbound, 11" x 15-3/8" •208 pages