Trucking Safety Guide + Online Edition w/ 1-Year Update Service

Explains key differences between state & federal transportation safety requirements. Update Service keeps the guide current.

•Covers critical areas of compliance: driver qualification, hours of service, accident reporting, size/weight limits, inspections and maintenance and more
•Included 1-Year Update Service subscription helps you keeps your manual current by providing quarterly updates
•Access this content online from any browser or mobile device - see Online Edition tab for details
•Includes current U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, the official interpretations of these regulations and summaries of each state's adoptions of/exceptions to/additions to federal rules
•Helps you eliminate the need to check multiple sources for state-specific information, reduce risk of state-level fines and stay current with changing state-level regulations
•Loose-leaf, 3-ring bound, 900+ pages